If you tried to call Bozeman Montana Real Estate.net’s agents early morning last Tuesday and could not reach them, you could have called our office where they were all gathered (a rare event to be sure). Last week, we started a three course training session to help learn what facets of ourselves are limiting professional growth.


I will be keeping tabs and notes to post later but for now, I am riding the momentum of a similar nationally offered seminar hosted by Real Estate Educators Association and Awesome Females in Real Estate which was held in Scottsdale, AZ this June. Major takeaways from that event included:

Beauty Sleep


Realtor and coach Joeann Fossland began her session on “What is Success” with a quote from author and business consultant Jim Collins: “Failure is caused by the undisciplined pursuit of more.” (Source) The ‘More’ here being everything in life that starts to weigh a person down. The clutter. Technology is a big ‘more’ factor that starts to add up cost wise. Sleep deprivation is oftentimes a direct outcome to the chasing of ‘more’. In fact, psychologist K. Anders Ericsson’s research shows that if you sleep 7.5 to nine hours per night, you will perform better across the board. In fact, the two best-performing groups in this study napped every afternoon. Give your life and your bad habit a critical assessment. Clean up your life and what is consuming your time negatively and all that extra will help you achieve much more with what you already have.

Be Different


Find what is ‘you’ and put your marketing into that! Chance is that someone out there will identify with your uniqueness and click with you instantly or they will admire the fact that you are being vulnerable to the public eye by being yourself. Authenticity markets well.  

Stay tuned for what we learned about ourselves! I am already keeping :15 by :15 min track of what my days look like to help with personal time management. We will see where this personal betterment journey goes! We are coming together as a TEAM: Personal Growth Leading to Office-Wide Success.


“THE SELLER’S MARKET IS ON FIRE!” headlines boast. Real estate is recovering and the nation is overjoyed at the prospect of being a vibrant, healthy market again. In tandem, society is still licking many of its wounds this most recent recession inflicted. People are more frugal and try to make money stretch as far as it can go.

…This brings us to FSBO (For Sale By Owners).

MYTH: By selling your home yourself you can save a pile of money by not paying a commission.

The average real estate commission as paid by the seller (unless otherwise negotiated in the buy-sell) is 6% of a transaction. This is then split between the buyer’s agent and the listing agent. Running some numbers really quick, this breaks down into:

  • ·         96 Homes Sold in Bozeman in June (to date)
  • ·         They Ranged in Sold Price from $131,500-$1,350,000.
  • ·         6% of the lowest price = $7,890
  • ·         Seller’s Take Home = $123,610
  • ·         6% of the highest price = $81,000
  • ·         Seller’s Take Home = $1,269,000

NAR Statistics did a study that found FSBOs sold for 81% of the value compared to homes being sold by an agent.

  • ·         FSBO Seller’s Take Home or 81% of $131,500 = $106,515
  • ·         FSBO Seller’s Take Home or 81% of -$1,350,000=$1,093,500

MYTH BUSTED: Using an agent to sell a home regardless if is it low end or high end statistically WILL SAVE A SELLER MONEY.

If you are not yet convinced, experts such as Burbidge list four main steps to selling your own house (SOURCE):

  • Find out what your home’s value is and price it appropriately. Montana is a non-disclosure state so you cannot find out what your home’s value is without an agent. READ MORE HERE
  • Prepare your house by making repairs, cleaning and painting.
  • Market the house effectively. This can get costly quick but there are a few free resources a person can use including: Realbird.com or Craigslist.com (ß .org)
  • Close the sale properly and legally. As soon as legal advice/counsel is sought, your pricing starts rising again.


For Sale By Owner Homes

Buying a Home FSBO in a Sellers Market



It is an exciting day for us here at Bozeman Montana Real Estate.net! Today, we are going to produce what has been about two years in the making. Teaming up with the phenomenal crew at Outlaw Partners, we are shooting our very first OFFICE BRANDING VIDEO!

I am so thrilled to be a part of this chapter with Bozeman Montana Real Estate.net. I must share a little of our small, local business’s story. Everything you will get to see in the video started as a conceptual idea that could have the potential to make the real estate experience more


less stressful and

more of an overall pleasant venture

for clients. To make that happen, the owner/broker of Bozeman Montana Real Estate.net, Jenifer Lower, took a personal look at what she provided to clients in a transaction, and then she took a hard look at what she was not providing. To do this, she really had to evaluate just what it was to sell real estate. There is a beautiful home at the end of most transactions but just what does it take to get there?

Jenifer created a triadic structure to build the strongest foundation for her business model. As the point person, she had herself—THE AGENT.

She hired:

MARKETING DIRECTOR who would be responsible for getting that 97% of clients who start online to find her and then turn around and marketing the listing and success stories to the world!

TRANSACTION MANAGER who would be the spearhead on the communication front, scheduling, and file maintenance. Each transaction has a detailed paper trail vulnerable to holes and mis-signed documents. With the transaction manager, clients get the peace of mind that they are fully protected with a devoted set of eyes reviewing everything.

Finally, Jenifer mastered a system by which herself and other agents in her office could capture, secure and convert online leads. As an agent at Bozeman Montana Real Estate.net, with the two above positions working on the finding new business and providing your current business a reason to return, you are out doing what you do very best: selling, purchasing and writing contracts. This hyper-productive model has brought with it four years of blazing success.

Shooting Star1014 S250 rivers run

Now, Bozeman Montana Real Estate.net is a firm seven agents strong. We are launching into the next realm of marketing with our video shoot today. We are so thankful for the way Bozeman has embraced our business and hope that this will bring even more folks to the Gallatin Valley! Stay tuned and I will follow this up with the link to the finished video!


Photo Set

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