3 Rules for Turning Stress into Success

I recently read an article on that I thought was really good and wanted to share. It was called 3 Rules for Turning Stress into Success. I have summarized Denis Waitley ideas and suggestions to becoming a more successful person below.


Branding Promise :HOMES: Your Dream. Our Passion.

Buying and selling a home is a life altering event. Many people think about it and dream about it for more than a passing moment prior to committing. Representing those who are buying and selling a home entails a checklist of processes that need to happen to ensure a clean transaction. With our new promise, Bozeman Montana Real is expressing that our agents do not want to merely check each step off for you. Real estate is our agent’s PASSION. They want to navigate, negotiate, communicate and incorporate your dream into the reality of the market so it can become your reality.


Bozeman is about history.

Bozeman is also about new life.

Both aspects are being revealed in Bozeman’s Willson School. The large, historic building is being re-purposed to help solve an ongoing Bozeman dilemma, a lack of housing. The school has already started its metamorphosis into 18 loft-style and traditional condo spaces. READ MORE

Bozeman’s housing problems have been a regular, nagging issue if you live here. It is getting out of hand. In 2012, a study was conducted with the purpose of assessing the housing needs of Bozeman. The study looked at Bozeman specific economic trends and past patterns to see what was needed to meet Bozeman’s needs in the future. Some of the largest take-aways from the study include but are not limited to:

  • Bozeman experienced exceptionally rapid growth in employment, households and its housing stock during the first decade of the 2000s, even considering a serious economic decline that began in 2007. The number of Bozeman residents at work declined from 2007-2010 but stabilized in 2011, although the local unemployment rate, at 6.1%, is near its 10 year peak.
  • The number of households in Bozeman grew faster than the population in the 2000s, from 10,877 to 15,775[an exceptionally high45% rate of growth [adding nearly 5,000 households. The disparity between population and household growth is somewhat due to a shrinking of household sizes. The average size of an owner-occupied household went from 2.43 to 2.32, while the average size of renter households shrunk from 2.13 to 2.06.
  • Bozeman has a lower median household income than Gallatin County, Montana or the nation (as measured by the Census, not HUD). Yet the median home value as measured by the 2010 Census was higher than the median home values nationwide, statewide in Montana, and in the comparison cities of Billings and Missoula.


Although the 2012 study was a snapshot of the market at that specific moment in time, may of the patterns they saw still persist today. A headline in the Chronicle only yesterday reads “Survey finds Bozeman’s rental vacancy rate is ‘effectively zero’” This more recent survey of 44 properties with 2,554 total rental units in the city limits shows a vacancy rate of 0%. The number of applicants looking for rentals surpasses the amount of space available. If you have every sought affordable rental living in town, you know how much you have to hustle and grind to get a place.


We make it our personal and professional mission here at Bozeman Montana Real to educate and inform young adults about the marketing conditions here in Bozeman. We encourage them to look into investing in the purchase of a home because of the horrid experience Bozeman offers for renters. We attend MSU’s freshman family orientation (CATAPALOOZA) for that purpose alone. Renting does make sense for many people, but if you plan to be in the Gallatin Valley for an extended period of time, buying makes the most since. Bozeman is stunning. People will keep moving here because of the sheer gravitational pull the valley has on.

Heck, maybe you will even buy one of the new, historic condos within the old Willson School. 


You've Bought Your Home, Now What? Know Your Neighbors

Moving is a public spectacle. You pull a large moving truck into a driveway and spend the next hours, days, weeks grunting, maneuvering and hauling your material objects into your new house that is soon to become your home.


My name is Holly Hoeger and I am

Bozeman Montana Real’s Program Director of Lead Management.

I have worked positions from Receptionist to Executive Administrative Assistant to the Director. My experience is mostly Government and Health Care, but got my office work start with an Oil Company in AZ.

Three years ago in October, I started with my sister’s local Montana real estate company, Bozeman Montana Real Living in Missouri, my integration into a small Montana business did not follow the traditional hiring process. My position arose from a specific need, and it has been amorphous ever since.

The NeedBozeman Montana Real strives to be a hyper-producing real estate company that functions around the philosophy that an agent is responsible for doing four things and four things alone: prospecting, buyingselling and negotiating. All other tasks (marketingpaperwork filing, scheduling, and communication) are handled by specialists in each given area. This strategy invigorates an agent’s time and maximizes their strengths so much so that the Bozeman Montana Real’s agents were running full throttle with the buying/selling/negotiating and closing deals. Not a bad problem to have! But, prospecting slowly started slipping by the wayside.  

How I am the Solution: I was hired to fill a void Jenifer was seeing within her prospecting plan. 97% of clients start their home search online. Using top-of-the-line CRMs, email campaigns, alerts and most of all, timeliness, I use the façade of the internet to react to online leads’ queries and foster those relationships until they are ready to be taken over by the agents themselves.

Using our unique team approach allows our clients multiple points of contact and a vast array of resources.  Being one of the first impressions of our team allows me to make that personal connection as well as provide quick and accurate information.

This relationship building, information gathering and final transfer to the agent is the space in which I thrive. My experience and demeanor blend to achieve industry high conversation rates from those online leads into tangible, hot leads for Bozeman Montana Real agents. 


Boutique, Innovative, Responsive: We Are Bozeman Montana Real

Real Estate Done Bozeman Style
Many people who look to the western slice of paradise Bozeman MT see a mountain city that runs down the checklist of what they want in a hometown whether that be for: the young tech entrepreneurial professional, the new family looking to start their lives, those looking to find that ideal location to retire to or anything in between. Bozeman has variability. That is her best asset. No matter what draws you to the area, you need to be introduced to Bozeman with a similar amount of specialized variety that specifically speaks to you. [Learn more about relocating to Bozeman HERE]
That is the level of service Bozeman Montana Real offers.


“When you get into real estate you realize you have to know a wide variety of things so I was choosey and then hired a magnificent team around me that excel in areas I am short in so that we cover real estate and excel in real estate without each individual being taxed.”


Finding a home requires leg work and research. Bozeman Montana Real makes it a breeze with an automatic, customized alert system that emails YOU whenever anything within your target price, area and/or size comes on the market.
“None of us are in a hurry. When you are ready, you will by and in the meantime we help keep you educated about the market.”


We have not one, not two but THREE professionals working on your behalf at all times. When you come on board with the Bozeman Montana Real Team, you hire an agent who will work endlessly to make sure your needs are met, a marketing director who works behind the scenes to make sure you are provided with the educational information you need to make the process less overwhelming and more meaningful AND a transaction manager who is a secondary communication point, who schedules your necessary dates (inspection, closing etc..) and who reviews all the documents you sign as a double check to ensure your security all culminating to make the process as seamless as possible.


Bozeman Montana Real’s Motivated Selling Team


“For most of my life I have lived in beautiful Montana. I grew up near my grandparent’s cattle ranch and farming community where everyone knows your name. I graduated from the University of Montana in 2004 with a degree in Sociology/Criminology. Since then, I’ve held a wide variety of jobs including banking, insurance, and social work.


I have always envisioned a career in real estate, so with the encouragement of my boyfriend, I completed my real estate course and exam last month. Because of my diverse professional background, I bring strong customer service skills and my passion for helping people. I love living and working in Montana! I have a one year old son, and my boyfriend just opened Complete Nutrition earlier this year. I love the outdoors, including hiking, snowboarding, and paragliding. Staying fit is a passion of mine, so I teach aerobics classes on occasion and participate in half marathons. I love to volunteer with families in need and animal rescue.”

My goal is to keep each seller informed and happy through the sales process. I am here to give you peace of mind and create an exceptional experience :) 

Bozeman Montana Real welcomes our newest member to the crew. Andrea officially has her license hung on our wall and has already been going full throttle having assisted Jenifer in listing four properties in her time here—two of which are already under contract! It is clear to see that her potential will propel her as a listing assistant and as an agent.

Andrea fills a vital role in the listing process. It’s in her nature to be genuine, authentic and accessible in the relationships she establishes with clients. Each of our listing-side clients will have access to:  

Jenifer Lower, the owner/broker of Bozeman Montana Real and her experience and knowledge,

Andrea Raulston, the listing assistant who will devote 100% of her professional attention to prompt communication and guidance for sellers,

Brittney Dahlberg, the marketing director who coordinates with Andrea to make sure your listing is beautiful and visible online,

Jenny Boutsianis, the transaction manager who scrutinizes the paperwork within each transaction to ensure accurately.

Call or Visit us to learn more today! 406-579-7780



If you tried to call Bozeman Montana Real’s agents early morning last Tuesday and could not reach them, you could have called our office where they were all gathered (a rare event to be sure). Last week, we started a three course training session to help learn what facets of ourselves are limiting professional growth.


I will be keeping tabs and notes to post later but for now, I am riding the momentum of a similar nationally offered seminar hosted by Real Estate Educators Association and Awesome Females in Real Estate which was held in Scottsdale, AZ this June. Major takeaways from that event included:

Beauty Sleep


Realtor and coach Joeann Fossland began her session on “What is Success” with a quote from author and business consultant Jim Collins: “Failure is caused by the undisciplined pursuit of more.” (Source) The ‘More’ here being everything in life that starts to weigh a person down. The clutter. Technology is a big ‘more’ factor that starts to add up cost wise. Sleep deprivation is oftentimes a direct outcome to the chasing of ‘more’. In fact, psychologist K. Anders Ericsson’s research shows that if you sleep 7.5 to nine hours per night, you will perform better across the board. In fact, the two best-performing groups in this study napped every afternoon. Give your life and your bad habit a critical assessment. Clean up your life and what is consuming your time negatively and all that extra will help you achieve much more with what you already have.

Be Different


Find what is ‘you’ and put your marketing into that! Chance is that someone out there will identify with your uniqueness and click with you instantly or they will admire the fact that you are being vulnerable to the public eye by being yourself. Authenticity markets well.  

Stay tuned for what we learned about ourselves! I am already keeping :15 by :15 min track of what my days look like to help with personal time management. We will see where this personal betterment journey goes! We are coming together as a TEAM: Personal Growth Leading to Office-Wide Success.